MacClade and Adobe Illustrator

The program MacClade can produce wonderful illustrations of character evolution, but getting these into publication form can be tricky. Here are some suggestions for how to do this using Adobe® Illustrator® CS on Mac OS X.


Once you have you the trace in the tree window ready, choose Print Tree... from the File menu.

Make sure you have checked the Angled Names (Postscript®) option on the Options menu. Then click on the A button to select the cursor for changing the font. Click on the taxon names, and on the legend text (if you are including a legend), and select the font you want to use.

Now, click on print button. When the print dialog button comes up select Save As PDF.

In Illustrator open up the PDF file. You may find that Illustrator has converted the text to outlines, in which case it will print nicely but cannot be edited as text.