Associate Editors

Frank (Andy) Anderson
Southern Illinois University
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Interests: Metazoan phylogeny (particularly relationships among cephalopod mollusks and spiralian metazoans); divergence time estimation using molecular sequence data; phylogenetic theory and methodology; marine biogeography; invertebrate biology.
Board members: Allen G. Collins (Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover), Catherine Linnen (Harvard University)

Cécile Ané
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Interests: Statistical inference in molecular evolution; model selection using information theoretic approaches as well as likelihood approaches; detection of real discordance among gene trees, distribution of genealogies across the genome; models of protein evolution with complex variation of rates; statistical analysis of comparative data across species.
Board members: David Bryant (University of Auckland), Jim Leebens-Mack (University of Georgia)

Robb Brumfield
Louisiana State University
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Board: Keith Barker (University of Minnesota), John McCormack (Occidental College)

Thomas Buckley
Landcare Research
Interests: Methods of phylogenetic analysis with an emphasis on the role of substitution model assumptions on phylogenetic accuracy and hypothesis testing. The study of molecular evolutionary processes and the incorporation of this information into phylogenetic analysis. Other interests include ribosomal RNA secondary structure, the origin, evolution, and biogeography of the New Zealand biota, and the systematics and phylogeography of the New Zealand cicadas.
Board: Stephane Aris-Brosou (North Carolina State University), David Marshall (University of Connecticut)

Michael Charleston
University of Sydney
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Interests: My main research interests are in cophylogeny: the study of the phylogenetic relationships between ecologically linked taxa, such as hosts and parasites or pathogens, the gene tree / species tree problem, and problems in historical biogeography. I am fascinated by the long-term associations between closely interacting organisms. I am also interested in the origin and diversification many different organisms, including the major animal phyla, and the evolution of parasites and parasitism. My general interests include analysis of microarray data, evolution of protein structures, sequence alignment, combinatorial optimization, and ecological modelling.
Board: Beth Shapiro (Oxford), Alexei Drummond (University of Auckland)

Dan Faith
Australian Museum

Interests: phylogenetic inference methods, quantitative biodiversity assessment, philosophy of science, multivariate pattern analysis, experimental design, ecology.
Board: John Trueman (Australian National University), George D. F. Wilson (Australian Museum)

Mark Fishbein
Portland State University
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Interests: My general interests are in plant systematics, evolution of floral morphology, pollination biology, biogeography, and applications of phylogenetic methods to evolution to ecology?  More specifically, I am interested in the systematics of the flowering plant family Apocynaceae, biogeography of American-African disjunctions, Mexican and western US biogeography, and phylogenetic-based analyses of character evolution.
Board: Austin Mast (Florida State University), Bernard Pfeil (CSIRO, Division of Plant Industry)

Peter Foster
Natural History Museum
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Board: Cymon Cox (Univerty of Algarve), Robert Hirt (University of Newcastle)

Olivier Gascuel
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Interests: Mathematical and computational aspects of phylogenetics; distance-based methods; maximum likelihood approaches; duplication processes and histories.
Board: Laurent Duret (Université Claude Bernard)

Richard Glor
University of Rochester
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Luke Harmon
University of Idaho
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Board: Helene Morlon (Ecole Polytechnique), Liam Revell (University of Massachusetts)

Mark Holder
University of Kansas
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Board: Karen Cranston (NESCent), Tracy Heath (U.C. Berkeley)

Lars Jermiin
CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
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Interests: Estimation of evolutionary patterns and processes, molecular phylogenetics, likelihood-weighted model averaging, tree-space exploration, model misspecification, and detection of factors that can bias phylogenetic estimates; evolution of animals and, to a lesser extent, other taxonomic groups (e.g., Bacteria and Archaea).
Board: Andrew J. Roger (Dalhousie University), Frédéric Delsuc (Université Montpellier II)

Elizabeth Jockusch
University of Connecticut
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Interests: phenotypic evolution, especially in insects and salamanders, evolution and development, systematics and speciation of salamanders
Board: Ken Kozak, Alan Lemmon

Karl Kjer
Rutgers University

Interests: rRNA secondary structure; Alignment of sequence data for phylogenetics; Higher level phylogenetics of Insecta (family level and above); Higher level phylogenetics of Anura. Research Taxa: Trichoptera; Odonata; Chrysomelidae.
Board: Joe Gillespie, Felix Sperling (University of Alberta)

Laura Kubatko
Ohio State University
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Interests: My research interests are in phylogenetic methodology, including modeling and algorithm development. I am also interested in coalescent theory, particularly the role of the coalescent in gene tree-species tree incongruence. I also work on other problems in statistical genetics, including the analysis of microarray and QTL data.
Board: Bret Larget (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Chris Randle (Sam Houston State University), Bryan Carstens

Norm MacLeod
The Natural History Museum

Interests: Morphological systematics, morphometrics, extinctions, biostratigraphy, role of fossils in phylogenetics, biogeography, palaeoecology, application of quantitative methods to natural history
Board: Nigel Hughes (University of California), David Polly (Queen Mary, University of London)

Roberta J. Mason-Gamer
University of Illinois at Chicago
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Interests: Molecular phylogenetics of grasses, with a focus on hybridization and polyploidy. I use gene trees from unlinked loci to identify reticulate evolutionary patterns, and attempt to sort out the roles of ancestral polymorphism, hybridization, and/or polyploidy in explaining these patterns.
Board: Thorsten Lumbsch (Field Museum of Natural History), Boris Igic (Cornell University)

Thomas Near
Yale University
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Adrian Paterson
Lincoln University

Interests: Cophylogenetics (particularly of lice and birds), origin of parasitism, biogeography of New Zealand and Gondwanaland, evolution of behaviour, phylogenetics and conservation of seabirds (particularly penguins and albatrosses)
Board: Jonathan Banks (University of Waikato), Rob Cruickshank (Lincoln University), Martyn Kennedy (University of Otago)

David Posada
Universidad de Vigo
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Board: Jeremy Brown, Leonardo de Oliveira Martins

Susanne S. Renner
University of Munich
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Interests: Phylogenetics of seed plants, especially angiosperms; reproductive biology and sexual systems; ancestral state reconstruction; divergence time estimation using molecular sequence data.
Board: Kai Mueller (University of Bonn).

Brett Riddle
University of Nevada
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Vincent Savolainen
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Interests: molecular phylogenetics, tree-of-life, macroevolution, speciation, conservation
Board: Timothy G. Barraclough (Imperial College London), Richard Grenyer

Edward Susko
Dalhousie University
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Brian Wiegmann
NC State University
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Board: Sean Brady (Smithsonian Institution), Brian O'Meara (University of Tennessee)

Tiffani Williams
Texas A&M University
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