The Society of Systematic Biologists celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2001. To help acknowledge this event, a series of articles relating the history of the Society was published in volume 50 of Systematic Biology. These articles are provided below in PDF format.

50th Anniversary of Systematic Biology and Introduction of Editor-Elect by Chris Simon. Syst. Bio. 50 (1): 1-3, 2001. 4499581.pdf
doi: 10.1080/10635150120024

Remembrances and Reflections: Early Days of the Society of Systematic Zoology by Jay M. Savage. Syst. Bio. 50 (1): 4-6, 2001. 4499575.pdf

SSZ 1970-1989: A View of the Years of Conflict by Vicki A. Funk. Syst. Bio. 50 (2): 153-155, 2001. 4447778.pdf

The Emergence of Systematic Biology by David M. Hillis. Syst. Bio. 50 (3): 301-303, 2001. 5171675.pdf

The Troubled Growth of Statistical Phylogenetics by Joseph Felsenstein. Syst. Bio. 50 (4): 465-467, 2001. 5171661.pdf

A Wish List for Systematic Biology by Michael J. Donoghue. Syst. Bio. 50 (6): 755-757, 2001. 6185666.pdf
doi: 10.1080/106351501753462795