President's Award

The President's Award is given to a person who has made outstanding and sustained contributions to the field over the course of many years. The recipient is selected by three people - the past [chair], present and future presidents. The interval between presentations of this award must be at least three years.

David Swofford (1998)

The first award was presented to Dave Swofford in 1998. Systematists of a certain age will fondly remember the happy times spent resetting the date on their Macs in order to squeeze a little more life out of their beta copies of PAUP*.

(Image from Florida State University)

Joseph Felsenstein (2002)

The second award was presented to Joe Felsenstein in 2002. Joe is the author of the PHYLIP package, the book
Inferring Phylogenies
(2004), and a pioneer in the use of statistical methods in phylogenetics.

(Image from Washington University)

Ziheng Yang (2008)

The third award was presented to Ziheng Yang in 2008. Early in his career, Ziheng introduced the now ubiquitous discrete gamma among-site rate heterogeneity to phylogenetics, and later pioneered the use of Bayesian methods in phylogenetics. In addition to many contributions to the primary literature of molecular evolution and phylogenetics, Ziheng has long maintained his influential software package PAML and authored two important books: Computational Molecular Evolution (2006) and Molecular Evolution: A Statistical Approach (2014).

(Image from Center for Computational and Evolutionary Biology, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)