Phyloinformatics archive

The online-only Open Access journal Phyloinformatics has gone offline, the domain is for sale. Using the Internet Archive, and through the kindness of Paul Sereno who sent a copy of his paper, I have archived copies of all eight papers published by Phyloinformatics. You can find the papers below:

Taxonomer: a relational data model for managing information relevant to taxonomic research
Richard L. Pyle
Phyloinformatics: 2004, 1: 1
(24 February 2004)

Minimal values for reliability of bootstrap and jackknife proportions, decay index, and Bayesian posterior probability
Richard H. Zander
Phyloinformatics: 2004, 1: 2
(24 February 2004)

Georeferencing of museum collections: A review of problems and automated tools, and the methodology developed by the Mountain and Plains Spatio-Temporal Database-Informatics Initiative (Mapstedi)
Paul C. Murphey, Robert P. Guralnick*, Robert Glaubitz, David Neufeld and J. Allen Ryan
Phyloinformatics: 2004, 1: 3
(7 September 2004)

MorphoCode: coding quantitative data for phylogenetic analysis
Peter Schols, Catheleyne Dhondt, Koen Geuten, Vincent Merckx, Steven Janssens, Erik Smets
Phyloinformatics: 2004, 1: 4
(22 September 2004)

Cortbase version 2. Extensive updates of a nomenclatural database for corticioid fungi (Hymenomycetes)
Erast Parmasto, Henrik Nilsson & Karl-Henrik Larsson
Phyloinformatics: 2004, 1: 5
(27 September 2004)

EverEST ? A phylogenomic EST database approach
Dirk Steinke, Walter Salzburger & Axel Meyer
Phyloinformatics: 2004, 1: 6
(21 December 2004)

Relational Database Design and Implementation for Biodiversity Informatics
Paul J. Morris
Phyloinformatics: 2005, 2: 7
(21 January 2005)

TaxonSearch: a relational database for suprageneric taxa and phylogenetic definitions
Paul C. Sereno, Steve McAllister, Stephen L. Brusatte
Phyloinformatics: 2005, 2: 8
(23 November 2005)