April 2005 issue online

The April 2005 issue is now online.


Any and all poems concerning the theme of evolution are solicited; serious, funny, tragic, elegant, nonsensical, in any style including tanka, limericks, haiku, free verse, couplets, and epic poems.

Winner(s) to be announced and poem(s) read at the
Annual Meeting Banquet in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Prize(s) also remain to be determined, but will be glorious and highly desirable.

Diversity at SSE/SSB 2005

Call for applications for undergraduates of diverse backgrounds to attend the 2005 meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution/Society of Systematic Biologists


Call for volunteer mentors for this program from graduate
students, postdocs and faculty.

For full details visit the website.

February 2005 issue out

The February 2005 issue is now available. Data sets and appendices can be downloaded from here.

Call for 2006 SSB symposia

The Society for Systematic Biologists invites proposals for symposia at the 2006 SSB meeting to be held at the State University of New York, Stonybrook June 23-27, 2006. The meeting will be held jointly with the American Society of Naturalists and the Society for the Study of Evolution. Proposals should include (1) a descriptive title, (2) one or two paragraphs explaining the purpose of the symposium and its relevance to systematics, (3) a list of presentations including proposed speakers, their institutions or affiliations, and their presentation titles, (4) an indication of whether the speakers have been invited and whether they have agreed to participate, and (5) the proposed length of each talk.

Ernst Mayr dies

Ernst Mayr, noted evolutionary biologist has died aged 100. There is an obituary in the Harvard Gazette

Mini-ARTS awards to enhance taxonomic knowledge- a new award offered by SSB.

The Society of Systematic Biologists is pleased to announce the availability of awards for revisionary taxonomy and systematics, modeled after the NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Advancing Revisionary Taxonomy and Systematics (ARTS) recently developed within the Systematics and Biodiversity Science Cluster. We are calling these 'mini-ARTS' grants. These awards are designed to allow SSB members (students, post-docs, and faculty) to spend a summer or semester apprenticed to an expert in a particular taxonomic group or to enhance revisionary taxonomic and systematics research in novel ways. Goals of this award program are to address constraints on our knowledge of undescribed biodiversity, assist in passing on taxonomic expertise before it is lost, increase the number of students with broad training in organismal biology and systematics, and support projects in biodiversity and taxonomy informatics as well as monographic and revisionary taxonomy. Activities can include a trip to the taxonomist's laboratory, pay for the taxonomist to visit the applicant's laboratory for a period of time, or pay for costs of computer time or development of interactive keys for electronic dissemination of systematics results. Requests for support may be in any amount up to $3,000. We expect to fund between 1-3 of these awards this year.

Scholarships and travel awards for scientists from developing countries will not be awarded until further notice.

As a result of a tight SSB budget the last several years, Scholarships and travel awards for scientists from developing countries will not be given until further notice.

President's Award

The President's Award is given to a person who has made outstanding and sustained contributions to the field over the course of many years. The recipient is selected by three people - the past [chair], present and future presidents - and is given once every three years.

The first award was presented to Dave Swofford in 1998. Systematists of a certain age will fondly remember the happy times spent resetting the date on their Macs in order to squeeze a little more life out of their beta copies of PAUP*.

Awards for Graduate Student Research

The Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB) announces the 2014 annual Graduate Student Research Award competition. The application deadline this year is March 31, 2014.The purpose of these awards is to assist students in the initiation (first two years) of their systematics projects and in the collection of preliminary data to pursue additional sources of support (e.g., Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants from the National Science Foundation) or to enhance dissertation research (e.g., by visiting additional field collection sites or museums). Applicants may be from any country, but must be members of SSB, and are advised to join the Society as soon as possible to facilitate their applications (to join go to: http://systbio.org/?q=node/6). Previous awardees may not re-apply, but previous applicants who were not selected for funding are encouraged to re-apply. Awards will range between $1200 - $2000 and approximately 10 - 15 awards will be made. The list of awardees below includes examples of successful proposals for you to download.